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- The sellers and businesses we have partnered with have the positive history of their own. They are all veterans in their particular dealerships. They buy their products from the raw material providers directly, while some raw procurers are also here to offer you with the best. Apart from that, they also have certain certifications of authenticity from different government subsidiaries who regulate the quality and authenticity of these dealerships to ensure consumers acclaim only the best. The materials provided by them is ensured to be the best of the batch, thus providing you the best experience one can offer.

- Although the products offered by the dealers and sellers are known to be the best in the batch, there is hardly any complain regarding replacements and reimbursements for the goods. Since we offer all the dealers to follow some policies including certain damage control and replacement ones, you will have to clarify with the particular buyer at the time of purchase to ensure positive exchange of products. We also have certain difficult measures to identify only the best product to offer to our buyers, which is 40 million and above, with only positive reviews and feedbacks from each and every one of them.

- Since we are the medium of advice for all of your construction-related goods, we also ensure that payment methods and all kind of deals between you and our dealers are justified. So we also have certain payment options available. We not only do provide you with various payment options but also facilitate your deal B2B, so that you can be in the direct contact of the sellers. All payment related queries can be cleared with consultation with the sellers as they have certain policies of their own. Although we can ensure the safe payment modes are available with us too, if you want to order and pay online directly.

- Yes of course! Our customer care and helpline numbers are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all the days of year with multi-lingual support. We have professionals who are devoted to cater to your personal needs and will suggest accordingly. We respect the buyer-seller relation, so we act as a platform for both of them to meet, and being a catalyst, we ensure only the best meets the best. Our online portals are active 24X7, unless there is a countrywide cyber-attack taking down the entire internet down. We also have telephone assistance and customer care available with us, with several clear lines round the hour.

- We, at baloowala have numerous buyers and sellers, involved in B2B marketing regarding all type of construction and interior décor related businesses. We act as the platform where both of them meet, discuss their terms, proceed with the deal and provide us with positive reviews and feedbacks in return. We have an array of services available, which includes construction material dealers, specific plumbing-related dealers, interior designing-related sellers, and other industrial and construction miscellaneous services to offer. We also offer various construction-related equipment and machines at much lower rates than the outlets available in the market, with the quality being same or even more than that of the outlet.

- Since we provide the selling place to all types of construction-related dealers, they not only do provide the materials but also various equipment involved in the process. Sometimes, these equipment and components, if procured from the market outlet can lead to shortage and unavailability. This doesn’t happen with us at baloowala as we offer you a facade of available options and sellers to buy from. It ensures a surplus of any machine or equipment. We are available round the clock to assist you throughout the whole process, and our customer care executives will sort things out for you.

- We provide all the equipment related to construction and plumbing, so yeah we do provide hardware and plumbing stuff. Our plumbing products are indigenous, and very tough, with the quality more than that you will find in the market outlets. Hardware stuff and all kind of materials needed apart from construction work are also provided here, through our dealers. We have a very easy and suitable system of search and sort according to your personal needs. It sums up to the point that if you search for PPE pipes for plumbing fitting, our search engine will show you all relevant suppliers and dealers in your vicinity, certified by us.

- We at Baloowala, ensure that discrepancies are handled all in between the vendor and dealer. Referencing on the same, can be gauged at our policies page.